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One Tribal Nation

A deep dive into the health and well being of Native America and
how that factors into the current state and issues that Indigenous Peoples are dealing with in America. Exploring the root problem of a marginalized people.


Native Americans are still seen as a novelty, a relic of the past. Our identity, according to American history, is rooted in being a white man's discovery. Marginalization and discrimination is nothing new; it is something that Native People have had to deal with for generations.


This documentary series will explore the struggles of Native America in every aspect — health and well being of Natives, education, infrastructure, economy and so forth. Indigenous communities must be creative and diligent in how to combat these situations with solutions. Federal, state, and tribal laws, combined with limited resources are all contributing factors to the root of the ongoing marginalization of Native Americans. 



By investing in our project, you are directly contributing to a Native filmmaker and our ability to tell our own stories. Representation and equity for marginalized people is more important than ever in this cultural climate, and your monetary investment will play a huge role in that.
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